January 2021 – Reopening Information

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We are excited to begin our reopening process! Washington state has transitioned to a two-phase reopening process. During the first phase, we are permitted to have stable groups of 5 dancers per class. Priority was given to dancers who had already registered for the session on Zoom, and our classes are currently full. If you would like to be added to our waiting list, please contact us!

COVID-19 In-Person Class Checklist

We are excited to be back in the studio with you and are here to make dance class a success for each dance family. Please read the following CAREFULLY. In order for us to keep our doors open and keep everyone healthy, we need your cooperation.

All dancers must have a signed COVID-19 waiver on file in order to attend class. Log in to the Parent Portal to sign this waiver.

If a dancer or household member has a fever or is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or the flu, they must be kept home. Dancers are welcome to join the class on Zoom if they are able to.

Dancers are expected to follow all quarantine orders from the Governor and Department of Health. If you have traveled or are required to quarantine for any reason, please take class on Zoom until your quarantine is complete.

Studio Entry and Exit Procedures

  • Teachers will meet dancers outside on the front deck (or at your car in the parking lot in the event of inclement weather). Please do not enter the hallway or the studio before your class. Teachers will be sanitizing the studio and bathrooms in between classes and we will come get you outdoors at the scheduled start time for your class.
  • Only dancers are allowed inside the building. Please, no waiting in the hallway!
  • The Town of Friday Harbor and the state of WA require masks to be worn at all times in our studio.
  • When we enter the studio dancers will sanitize their hands, change their shoes, remove outer layers, and select a square on the floor. The floor is taped in 10’ by 10’ squares for distancing.
  • If you are late to class, please knock on the door before entering. The teacher will let you in when there is an appropriate break in class, and a clear space for you to reach your dance square safely.
  • After class, dancers will change shoes and walk out to the front deck together.
  • Dancers must wear masks at all times. Our curriculum has been adjusted to reduce cardio load and we have a designated “mask break” area if dancers need to remove their mask for a break. We recommend a lightweight fabric or disposable mask. If you need suggestions on dance masks, ask Miss Jeanne!

Dancer Checklist for Class

  • Ballet shoes
  • Wearing ballet gear with warm up layers over top
  • Full water bottle labeled with dancer’s name
  • Unlabeled water bottles left at the studio will be thrown away after class
  • Small purse or dance bag for personal items/warmup gear/pointe shoes
  • Please no school bags or large backpacks in the studio! Bring only what you need.
  • Pre-pointe/Pointe dancers should bring their own yoga mat for PBT exercises

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