Summer at Salish Sea Ballet is full of opportunity! We offer a variety of dance programming for children and adults that complements our popular year-round classical ballet program. From ballet to custom classes, we can create a dance experience for everyone. Contact us for details about individual or group private lessons. New and visiting students are welcome.

We offer classes for all ages and abilities to continue dancing through the Summer. We want you to stay on track with your fitness and dance goals. Experienced adults may drop-in to upper level classes with permission.

Summer Classes

Maintain your ballet technique and get a jump start on Fall classes. New and visiting students welcome!

Registration opens June 15th, 2024.

To register, Click Here and create an account in our Salish Sea Ballet Portal. Once you have an approved account, you will then be able to sign up for your desired classes. All classes have a minimum and maximum student number to operate.


Beginning/Intermediate Ballet for dancers ages 13+. No experience required. It’s never too late to start dancing or to try something new! We will start from the beginning or where we need to, have fun and learn a lot together about the world of ballet over the 5 week Summer program. You will also get a great workout! Come join us!

0 hours 45 minutes$ 95.00
1 hour 0 minutes$ 110.00
1 hour 15 minutes$ 125.00
1 hour 30 minutes$ 140.00
2 hours 0 minutes$ 170.00
2 hours 30 minutes$ 205.00
3 hours 0 minutes$ 225.00
3 hours 30 minutes$ 265.00
4 hours 0 minutes$ 295.00
4 hours 30 minutes$ 340.00

Rates: Salish Sea Ballet rates are displayed as the total amount due for your 5 week session based on how long your dancer is in studio each week. For example a 45 minute per week class is $ 95.00 for the full 5-week session.